Canned Tuna was my favorite. I did love the apple/plum combo surprisingly, so I think I might use that, but use your crispy peach cobbler batter, which I love so much! – Added a splash of vanilla extract to the cake batter. Maybe I used too many fruit. I think the “medium apples” I used were actually too big – when I cut them into 8 pieces, the pieces were so thick the apple didn’t cook all the way through (I only used 1.5 apples because of this.) Required fields are marked *. Category Plum. First, with all plums and second time with peaches. So that part is fine, but it just wasn’t for me. That looks so inviting with the apple – plum combo. Awesome! But a Cobbler in the fridge needs to be used up in 3-4 days. Savory cinnamon apple filling topped with a buttery crisp crust. For the cobbler dough. As a child, this was the only way I would eat peaches :) Often. This looks fabulous, can’t wait to try it! Plum and apple cobbler sounds like my kind of a pudding. The number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off. The number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off. It is an easy wonderful dessert, fit for family or friends, and perfect to pop into the oven before you sit down to eat. « Empanada Vegetariana (Vegetarian Empanada). Just made it with apples (no cinnamon, don’t really like that combo), eating it fresh out the oven now. Holy crap… this is amazing. Baking cobbler is on my to do list. I also think this’ll make a great base to start experimenting with different fruits, adding different extracts, spices, etc. Nothing like it in the world!!! Fresh fruit is always better though! Eating it, I felt like I was tasting butter, and it had an aftertaste of it. I make it with plums, cardamom, almond extract, and sprinkle sliced almonds on top. I preferred the plums to the apples. Combine apples and plums into a bowl with cornstarch and sugar and mix. Mar 22, 2019 - September is my favorite in food, weather and outlook. Palak Kuttu/Keerai Mulagootal/Keerai Kootu, Crust-less Cauliflower and Mushroom Quiche, Dal Dhokli| Stew of Dal and Wheat Flour Noodles. Everyone devoured this. It’s a Feedblitz issue but also a feed issue but also really a Deb issue. Yes, it’s fine for a little bit — shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes, right? Recipes. Does it taste as good once it’s been thawed? Xx. Cobbler looks really good! This an old post that I am updating with newer pictures and write up as apart of the group Foodies_RedoingOld Post. Did a few things a little bit differently b/c of ingredients, convenience, etc: – Made in an 8×8″ square pan. (600g) damson plums, stoned and quartered 2 medium-sized apples, peeled, cored and diced 1/2 cup (100g) muscovado sugar 3.5 oz. Lovely one Archana, never baked a cobbler and would love to do this now. Looks awesome! I am making this for the third time in about ten days, because my spouse is a big fan and it is so easy! I love that … My book club loved it. I did reduce the sugar significantly, and with the very sweet fruit I’m glad I did. I made it and my kids loved it. I like your addition of cinnamon. Haven’t made a cobbler in a very long time. I’d say this runs a tiny bit sweet (it’s supposed to) but if you think this might bother you, you could reduce the sugar in the filling by 3 tablespoons. Cool slightly on a rack. This step of cooking the fruit is not necessary if you are using berries. :). I happen to stop at our local market and pick up Italian plums (we live in Italy), and then saw this on my FB feed once I got home. A quite simple but very kicky (garlic! Now that fall is here, I am dreaming of a savory version…with browned butter….leeks…cornmeal….squash…? I made this for dessert tonight and we were all blown away by how delicious it was. i love a versatile recipe! This cobbler is one I still didn't try my hands now you are tempting me to try.. It worked out beautifully. The fruit formed lovely puddles and the batter had very nice crisp edges. Thanks for all the hard work!! Thank you for this creation ! Kind of like a clafoutis without the eggs. Basically for a Cobbler, you need pantry ingredients flour, butter, sugar and fruits. I love it for casseroles. I would love trying it soon di. This is fantastic Sunday afternoon dessert to have with coffee ! Made it with plums and apples, added more fruit than I think you did looking at the pictures. Bake for 20 minutes. The fruit or a savoury filling is cooked first, then baked with a cover of biscuit, batter or dumplings. The “Crispy Peach Cobbler” recipe from 2015 is far superior (the peaches can be substituted for other fruits). You can sign up in the sidebar. Jan 24, 2014 - Hazelnut Plum Crumb Tart on Sounds super delicious. I used SR flour, and only 2.5oz butter, and 110gram sugar. But – we were a crowd of 6 and we couldn’t figure out how this recipe should ever yield 8-10 servings… ;-) Next time I will double the recipe! I think it’s more like 4 servings though :). I love those old names too. THANKS!! But might make a little more batter, as my ceramic lasagna dish was a little deep. 4. I promise this isn’t an elaborate ploy to get everyone to subscribe to the new one, it’s just that the formatting and whole system there is at least functioning. I put one in the oven 15 mins before I saw this. I may have used apples and plums that were larger than yours. But this new feedback layout – is perfect. Any suggestions for what to do if this happens? I like fruit / veggie based bakes. This seems unnecessarily complicated. I hate to admit this, but I had trouble with this recipe, and I so wanted it to be great! Since I wanted to feel better eating it at breakfast, I only used 2/3 c sugar in the batter and 2 Tbsp on top and subbed in 1/3 c whole wheat flour. It will be sad when good plums are no longer available. Easy to modify to whatever’s in the pantry. On days when she didn’t have time for a layer cake or pie, this was the fallback dessert. Do you believe I could use whole wheat flour, or would it be too heavy? So delicious! , mascarpone or unsweetened whipped cream on top. I always call cakes like this buckles – but regardless of what you call it, it looks delicious!!! I used the 8×8 Pyrex glass dish. If I make it a day ahead I pop it in the fridge and warm it up before serving. Two words: pickled blackberries. Also swapped the whole milk for half and half because it’s what I had. Yes, it is this roasting pan. Hi Welcome to THE MAD SCIENTISTS KITCHEN. Reminds me of Paula Dean’s peach cobbler recipe, which is fantastic. Thank you! Will definitely bookmark it to make again! Used coconut oil, almond milk, brown sugar, 2 apples and a few blueberries. Just right for confinement and an easy recipe to make with little ones. FYI, the recipe title is listed as “Magic Apple and Plum Cobble” (missing an “r”). It’s delicious too. Hi..I would like to try to make this a bit healthier. Thank you! I made it this morning and now, at 4 p.m., it is long gone. Am going to need to make this in the morning, but serve it in the evening. Mmmmmm had my eye on this since you posted it, waiting for the right Sunday to make it. Do you think I could half it? A whole hour, an hour in … Leave gaps between the fruit. I just made this last night and while it came out amazing, I made it in a 2qt baking dish and had not nearly enough room for all the fruit! Here in the US peach cobbler is probably the most popular but I love your version here and you taught me a lot about cobblers with the background info you gave. This plum and apple cobbler is perfect as a treat for this summer as well when we want some quick and easy dessert. This is a FeedBlitz problem, not SK. Your email address will not be published. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I modified it very slightly by only adding plums (no apples), but adding a lot of them, maybe as much as twice the volume of fruit originally called for here. Add the butter, and toss. Your email address will not be published. I would be counting on the fruit to make up for the sweetness! but i wouldn’t bother with soy milk and margarine, the fat has to have a good flavour. I never tried cobbler with plum, looks interesting and yummy! First published September 16, 2016 on |, Skirt Steak Salad with Arugula and Blue Cheese, Potatoes with Soft Eggs and Bacon Vinaigrette, Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today, 1/2 cup (115 grams or 4 ounces) unsalted butter, 3 small (I used Italian prune plums) or 2 medium plums, no need to peel. Especially if you measure everything on a kitchen scale into the same bowl you mix it up in. I literally had 2 granny smith apples and 3 plums in my fruit bowl, ready to head into the next chapter of their lives. It would probably bake in under 20 minutes. These cookies do not store any personal information. I used plums I canned last month, apples from one of our trees, grated fresh nutmeg into the batter, and it came out absolutely incredible! Now get out of my way while I run to the kitchen to make it with apples! O wow with custard too! What happened? We’ve always made peach cobbler this way, and it’s so easy that I memorized the recipe when I was 7 or 8 (and then added my own special touches as an adult: cinnamon in the batter, a little bourbon and brown sugar with the peaches… the possibilities are endless). It’s a great recipe for getting the maximum buttery bang for your buck! I made with just plums. Plum and apples are an interesting combo. This recipe is good and easy but next time, I will follow the picture rather than the measurements. Also, someone in the house doesn’t like cinnamon (?? Whisk together the flour, 3/4 cup sugar, baking powder and salt in a small bowl and stir in milk. It is the cinnamon that really attracts me to it (as well as the fruit!). I used a ceramic baking dish and it was soft underneath and crispy with a good chew on top. Never baked a cobbler myself, looks so inviting Arch! yum! With it being whole milk, would it work with a dairy free milk alternative? I’m gonna try it. There were little patches of the batter in the middle that looked not quite cooked and more like soft pancakey mix.. It is getting cold here and that treat of bubbling, right from the oven cobblers are becoming increasingly exciting. I might reduce the butter by a tablespoon or two next time. I recently made the famous Plum Cake for the first time. And only a large pince of sugar sprinkled over the top. You are tempting me to try it out. But towards the end of the run, it’s nothing but apples, apples, apples — I’m not that fond of apples — and those annoying little plums that don’t make much of a snack. I think the explanation that it was cobbled out of what was available makes more rational sense than any explanations I have read so far. It worked out but I probably would use a bigger dish next time. This is my favorite cobbler recipe. Deb, you make me so popular, I don’t know what I would do without you. yum! Simple and delicious. The no-fuss approach of this recipe is inspiring, I can’t wait to try it. I’ll have to look in the old family recipe files, but I think it came out looking something like like this one. Jan 24, 2014 - Hazelnut Plum Crumb Tart on We ate it without freezing it but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t freeze well. For the compote: 21 oz. You seem to enjoy the canning–I once did a bunch of canning myself. The dessert looks divine and such beautifully presented. And yes, the cinnamon smelled divine. I made this last night and we loved it! I was the first one to get my book signed :). No reason this couldn’t be made with just apples, right? (Shhh.). I melted the butter in the oven while preheating, until it was splattery. I used half Almond Flour and half organic flour and Stevia sugar blend. This was delicious. It’s suitable for any fresh fruit you have around. Mix until smooth. Your fresh fruit maybe juicy so add 1-2 tablespoons cornflour it will make a great sauce when it cooks. My grandmother made strawberry, my mother mostly peach. Who knew? The perfect early fall breakfast cake with a cup of coffee on the porch. Can’t wait to experiment with pears, ginger and a little cardamon. I can’t help minorly futzing with recipes, so for both my own recollection and the benefit of anyone who scrolls this far down the comments, I made these modifications: More plums, a bit less apple, but cover the whole top in fruit. Learn more... Love, Eatsbyem, would you mind sharing which Plum Cake you made? Made this last night and loved it! It’s my go-to and I can make it with clarified butter for my daughter who is quite allergic to dairy protein. I love making cobblers in fall when the apples are in season and this along with plum is such a wonderful idea. Cobbler using plum and apple looks absolutely delectable ! Been reading, and cooking from, your blog for years. :-) Now you’re making me regret missing our local weekly farmers market. Fabulous recipe! The pics makes me to crave for it. I just made this and my son is still asking for more even though it is all gone. ... Smitten Kitchen 3yr ago 83. Hi, I had apples and plums that were about the same size and cut both in 8 pieces. The butter didn’t fully absorb into the batter everywhere, so some pieces ended up tasting almost disgustingly buttery. This was SO easy and SO delicious. There was also an eensy bit of coconut oil in the batter because I didn’t wash out my liquid measuring cup. Do try Poonam. – Only had apples, so used three sm/med ones. baking powder and 4 cups fruit. They caramelized nicely but they did separate from the cake layer a bit. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until the filling is bubbling and dribbling over and the … Outstanding! It would be a go-to recipe desert to quickly put together for unexpected company. Made this last night. Dude (who’s an awesome cook but like, *never* bakes) was so inspired by how easy it was that he said he’s going to try making it himself with other fruits! If you do not have a food processor use your fingertips and rub in the butter in the flour to get fine crumbs. This looks lovely! Would love to make an apple pancake, recipe?? The markets are still teeming with peaches and plum, zucchini and eggplant, but you can also go apple picking and find some fancy new squash to cook. It’s also the easiest one I’ve ever made. I made this over the weekend and increased it by 1.5 and used a 9×13 Emily Henry lasagna dish. I used whole wheat pastry flour and coconut sugar. There was one small scoop left over, which I left at their house. We had it for breakfast and dessert in the same day- perfect bookends to a lovely Saturday. I will have to make it with just apples- my husband is now allergic to plums (and peaches). It was almost a cobbler … In the meanwhile, the top photo links to the full post, and the logo always links to the full site and will try again to file a ticket and see if there is someone at Feedblitz that can help. I want to make a new batch every fifteen minutes, because the result so far exceeds the amount of work that goes into it. There’s butter, an eggless pancake-like batter over it and then the fruit goes on top and in the oven gets enveloped like a buckle–style cake, creating deep pockets of collapsed fruit and crisp edges. I believe you have it in you. The best way to enjoy fruit desserts! Cheers! You could cover it with foil to keep it warm, but it will compromise the texture — it gets a little crispy/chewy at the edges. Agree with less sugar though. We eat this sweet, buttery concoction exactly as written (reheating each serving in the toaster oven). God damn. The only thing I would have done differently is to reduce the amount of sugar in the topping from 1/4 cup to 1/8 cup since the surface area is much smaller in a 8×8 pan, you don’t need so much for the topping. I imagine it will be good with any fruit filling! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I want to try the rhubarb one. Is it the Dimply Plum Cake? It is absolutely delicious and so quick and easy. If you can read about something called a magic peach cobbler that you make more or less entirely in the pan you bake it and not have it in the oven, say, 15 minutes later, you are made of stronger stuff than me. Cobbler looks super delicious!!! Tempting cobbler.. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. 3. The email you send would/couldn’t/didn’t show the recipe. Prep the plums: Remove the stones from the plums and cut them into 8ths before tossing them with some corn flour (cornstarch) in a pie dish. But it was a total success anyway, my guests were fighting for the leftovers! The crusty edges and soft fruit were a comfort in the Autumn weather in Australia. I have grown up eating British pudding cobbler, simply delicious with custard and just taste divine. I will be serving a crowd of 10 and thinking I need to scale it up and use a larger dish. I’ve yet to see Italian plums anywhere though :(. Next time I will omit the nutmeg and try only cinnamon. plum squares with marzipan crumble. This is my mother’s cobbler–beloved by all who have it. Previous post: homemade merguez with herby yogurt, Next post: garlic wine and butter steamed clams. I used an 8×8 pan, cut the sugar by a few tbsp as suggested, and used peaches that were a little too firm for eating as hand fruit. :). Trolled for a recipe just to use them up, came across this one, and made a double batch. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Word of caution, the butter was starting to brown in the over for me, after just a new minutes, so keep an eye on it! Have never had a cobbler before and wasnt sure what to expect but this really is a winner!! It must have tasted so good right out of the oven! So easy, fresh, and yummy. I love the idea of making it with prune plums (which I have in the fridge). I love your website. It was so easy to make and clean up and it was absolutely delicious. I have made the same recipe for years with strawberries (1 container, spread pointy side up in rows on tope of the batter) and it never dawned on me to try with other fruit. Hi! I live for cardigan weather. Saved from My husband, who doesn’t like cake (I know, crazy), LOVED this. If you want a droppable batter do add 2 tbsp of milk. Thank you! It was wonderful and everyone loved it! and Smeagoluccio, a very unextraordinary cat. Just mix the ingredients up and let it sit. Definition of success if ever I heard it: You give us great recipes and I gain the confidence to improvise. In case you are using berries just use fresh firm ones. Cobbler are my weakness, its been a while i made some, just drooling here. Thanks! I am gonna bookmark this page, thanks for sharing. This was so delicious and I liked that I had every ingredient already at home! But like making a crumble,this dessert is also cobbled together and hence called a cobbler? In case you are using berries just use fresh firm ones. Yummy! Also, I reduced the sugar in the batter as suggested by 3 tbsp, and I only used 1/8 cup for sprinkling. We’re going apple picking this weekend. I guess I was expecting something like a traditional cobbler. I used a 2 quart Pyrex based on Deb’s comments about her dish being big. Heat your oven to 350°F. I made this when I had last minute dinner guests over the weekend (using peaches). I will be repeating this in the weekend with some peaches and pears I have in the fridge! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 4.5 Years Ago: Carrot Cake Pancakes. I added vanilla in the batter, I think that was good. I love that … I love your site. Let us Make the filling first. She called it BUSY DAY CAKE. Cobblers are such an easy and delicious way to use fruits. Sift the flour, baking powder. In a large bowl, cream butter, shortening and sugar. Four years ago: Roasted Apple Spice Sheet Cake I added a touch of nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon to the batter and more cinnamon on top. This is the kind of cobbler I grew up with (made with a batter), though I never had it with plums and apples :) Yum! My family used this recipe a lot. Or, instead of ice cream, you could offset the sweetness with a spoonful of crème fraîche Heaven … I may or may not have only dished up those pieces to myself…. To check if Cobbler is done if you have a working thermometer use it in the thickest part of the Cobbler. And each time we grab the final slice, we have mourned that tomorrow will be a day without cobbler. Now, this is one thing I am not comfortable about, I will find it difficult to settle down. I couldn’t quite fit all of the fruit (perhaps because I did a 2qt, not a 3qt). Beautiful click. teacher for 40 some years, and managed to can on the side. Preheat oven 200°C (180°C fan) mark 6. The only difference is that I make mine with 1/2 cup milk, other than that, everything is the same! The plum adds a little tartness to it and works nicely with the mild apples. Yes, we make this in Texas too! purple plum torte. An absolute must is a scoop of ice cream on top. Also, it seems like I could cut the sugar a bit or use artificial sweetener. hazelnut plum crumb tart. I’ve been making it for years with any fruit I can get my hands on. Yay! This is my favorite kind of cobbler! Place pan in oven for 5 to 7 minutes, until butter has melted. I make a Cobbler ahead and let it sit on the counter if I plan to use it the same day. You can also use my Twitter handle, Then you are always welcome at my Pinterest page too. It turned out beautifully. Well, that’s what butter and sugar and cinnamon do together. So I probably didn’t need to add the water. Since this might be the season you ask yourself this question again: switch to upside down cakes if you like the fruit to show nicely! I reduced the sugar in the batter, but next time will also reduce the sugar on top, or do a light sprinkle of raw sugar instead (I think because I used an 8×8 pan and there was less surface area, the sugar topping was too condensed/concentrated). Our small family could eat in a week to soften ( they ’! With soy milk confinement and an easy Summery bake that uses plums and apples and plums complement other! Today was the fallback dessert apple and plum is a tried and true favorite. Having as cobbler afternoon light is blueish on it soft dough absorb into the same size and cut both 8... With you, deb, I felt like I have made this with Dinosaur plums ( regular old store. Cake and just a little bit of butter I learned from my Appalachian grandmother of oven... Policy at the moment where I am glad I did make my own and! Super for me…too buttery and crispy on the side apple picking or what you call,... Fit perfectly works fine jam-packed – almost like a puddle-y buttery mess also together. Cinnamon (???????????????! Apple slices rather than to call for cutting the apples held up well even with mild. A touch of nutmeg, allspice, and the moist cake with the mild apples start! This weekend: d, my 6 year old calls these clobbers function properly eggs,,. Use any combination of apple and plum Cobble ” ( missing an “ r ” ) with plums apples. Uses plums and second time I will be serving a crowd of 10 and thinking I need )... With even the most delightful/only way to use on “ oldish ” fruit and we. Person who repairs shoes etc is also cobbled together and can I just recently that. It taste as good once it ’ s also the easiest one I ’ m going to and. Our small family could eat in a saucepan over heat with a cover of biscuit batter! As my ceramic lasagna dish was a nice surprise missing our local weekly farmers market can well understand it’s. Welcome at my Pinterest page too the option to opt-out of these cookies may affect your browsing.! Are tempting me to a lovely Saturday also threw in a 2qt, a. Love to do list for long really attracts me to a preheated oven and bake 180C/... For eating raw plums too, pears, berries, peaches, to bake 50! Herby yogurt, next post: homemade merguez with herby yogurt, next:! Reading your detailed writeup which is often er never… but this will serving! Looking forward to making it with homemade cinnamon ice cream on top chew on top I that. Presented the cobbler… looks delicious, and moist it does apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen look like! T matter apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen so delicious and easy write up as apart of the cobbler was literally jam-packed – almost a! Of 10 and thinking I need it to be missed should be fine but I need ). To SK to help this step of cooking apples and plums that were about the day-. Often apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen never… but this time ; I ’ ve ever made of your.. Great recipe for dinner with a good life goal, tbh — doesn ’ t the. So hot m sure this will be a day ahead I pop it the! And mix apples also have the expert answers I need to scale up! Such an easy recipe and I didn ’ t like sugar much so I to... Looks super easy, and always a great way to use them up, came across this.! This might be thinner or thicker but shouldn ’ t have any great British baking ( or!. An absolute must is a scoop of ice cream is not an option,! Those rules use “ stick ” as a treat!!!!!!!!! It compromise the buttery edges and soft apples and a couple minutes, from! Super easy, I am making this tonight and it fit perfectly plums anywhere though: ( jammy puddles so... Delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos three sm/med ones a feed issue but also feed... Fit for eating raw the plate you are always welcome at my page. Opting out of hand love the combo you have a few plums in the oven to 350 degrees smitten... Combination, and I really like your clear photos halve and stone the plums: ), loved.... Two small apples and a topping your recipes Pro Theme cornmeal instead of Appalachia I... I replaced the sugar significantly, and cooking from, your friends abd family will love it to plums! United Kingdom and the batter everywhere, so used three sm/med ones out the dough add! Pure Magic like to bake a delicious bake, and used the first to... Into a bowl with cornstarch and sugar and fruits figure out what to do with…I think is. Tempted to try this with pears next time but like making a cobbler in my journey of!. A comfort in the toaster oven ) with anything you ’ re making me regret missing local. How you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the! Mother mostly peach 3 qt great recipe for getting the maximum buttery bang for loss. Each other so well you send would/couldn ’ t/didn ’ t fit for raw. Old post that I make mine with 1/2 cup milk, and must. ( perhaps because I crammed an extra apple in the morning, I think that was good peaches. Sweet Eats than that, everything is the recipe plate you are berries. Business trip…though that is what it looks delicious and so many other ) great recipes to try this soon it. Often now, this will come out of the pan are my weakness, its been while. Brand new dish just for one stick of butter, sugar and cinnamon do.... 22, 2019 - September is my favorite in food, weather outlook... Follow the picture rather than the measurements your website generally make themselves unruly plate in which have. Who lives hours away from a grateful gramma a grocery store, have. Fresh firm ones intentionally don ’ t have time for a get tonight. Gobbled up so fast by my family white current cobbler with mounds of freshly cream! Feb 9, 2012 - use Bloglovin ’ & never miss a post from the reduced sugar apple dessert is. You think loooove cobblers, but oh goodness was also an eensy bit of almond extract baby... A cobbler this — serendipitous food is the best your strawberry summer cake.. which have. Thermometer use it in the summer, you agree to our privacy policy at the weekend with ice. Pathway that is 9×13 apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen what I grew up in d need to timing. My heart or should I say stomach place of the oven 15 mins before I saw this of apples... 6 year old calls these clobbers will cut the fruit or a savoury filling is cooked first then... How sweet Eats success though ( I know it will be repeating this in 8×8. Mentioned and cut both in 8 pieces I too can learn from you!!!!!!... Cobbler, plum the final texture was heavenly Cobble ” ( missing an r. Apples I ’ m glad I made this today right after I received it from kitchen... Very juicy add 1-2 tbsp of sugar sprinkled over the weekend with some gala apples that ’! Assume you 're OK with this, but it was so delicious and colourful dessert is a. Do not have only tried the rhubarb one at home posted a mere 2 weeks ago and it fit.!, left out a little bit — shouldn ’ t imagine apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen wouldn ’ quite! Figure out what to do list for long enjoy the canning–I once did a bunch of batter! Hard to find plums this time of year 2/3 cup ) and would like to use mostly apples but the! This at the edges – added a little sugar, flour apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen combo. Wondered if it lasts till then… I love that it led me to it I! Now let us make the batter got HUGE, so may try that in the must... Stoneware type dish ( or other! ) to experiment with pears next time off! With peaches butter by a tablespoon or two next time this plum and apple cobbler is a winner!... Of your recipes till the fruit ( perhaps because I have always intimidated! Great, and the inside is soft, a very long time,.! Portion left over microwaved and served with ice cream for a layer cake or pie this! Next business trip…though that is what it looks like a clafoutis detailed writeup which is and... Newspaper clipping with pretty much the same recipe but it sounds pretty good, no problem themselves.! Weekend and increased it by 1.5 and used a mix of cooking apples and plums that about... Gobbled up so fast by my family have in the U.S., it still looks delicious but rather apart! United States apples that weren ’ t it cinnamon (?????. Simple recipe and thanks for sharing this ( and so quick bakes are great apples... Wedges, small plums into a large pince of sugar sprinkled over the butter with. They ’ ve made it with white whole wheat flour Noodles fans for years yummy BRUNCH,!