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Issue 4 Rototrends

     The evolution that has distinguished rotational moulding in recent decades is intimately related to the development of awareness of rotomoulding in the design world.In other words, as the potential of rotomoulding becomes “common knowledge” amongst designers and producers the sophistication of their projects using our technology for industrial applications grows.
RotoTrends explores the different potentials of rotational moulding showing case-histories where the roto technology is able to open new markets, developing innovative products and working successfully in new niches.
The projects developed in partnership with international design institutes, and the selected industrial products produced a faithful portrait of an industry constantly hungry for new ideas, eager to experiment with new shapes and new materials, sensitive to the international richness of globalization.
Rotomoulding is strategically placed as one of the key technologies for rethinking the industry ccording to today’s needs for technology.
Please click below on the picture to download the latest edition of RotoTrends.


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